Why Did Everyone Think the Mom was the Nanny?


This was a hot topic on my Twitter feed last week.

An associate professor was giving a web based live interview to the BBC from his home and his kids come into the room while he is giving the interview and hilarity ensues. A woman then tries to get the kids out of the room during the interview, and she’s Korean, so when it first went viral, many assumed it was his nanny (including myself). As you see, it was actually his wife.

It’s safe to assume that we still live in a society where we still stereotype way too much. The initial reaction should have been that it was his wife, not a nanny, but because of her initial looks and his initial looks, it was assumed that she worked for him. In my upcoming Networked Learning Space, I am going to focus on biases that we have a how we can break the biases we inherently have.


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