Draw More!

In our class, Joni challenged up to watch two TED Talks, follow the instructions on the Talks and then make our own drawing: How to make toast. First, I though the TED Talks were great. It really made me wake up when they both discussed how kids draw, they don’t care, they just draw and they think it’s good. When we hit a certain age, we all the sudden think “we can’t draw” and we stop doing so. This was certainly true for me, and I’m sure a lot of you think the same way. Ole Qvist-Sørensen’s and Graham Shaw’s TED Talks took those fears away, and showed that drawing is really easy, we just think it’s hard.

For me personally, this is going to help me with the design of my trainings. When i’m trying to design them, I usually stick to list because I always think “I can’t draw”, but I know I can, i’m just not an artist. When I dooodle or draw, it is far better than the list I come up with, visually anyways, so why not make it into something more fun. Below are the drawings from the TED Talks and “how to make toast”.



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