What Did I Sign Up For Here?!?


Ah, summer graduate classes. Cramming a semester into 10 weeks to ensure you can graduate in 2 years. I’m in INTE 5340 this semester, which is code for Learning with Digital Stories. We’re in week two, and using the story circle, I’m wondering what I am going to get out of this class. The first few assignments were fun. We’ve used new technology that the program hopes to adopt (GoReact), and we’re annotating along side each other using a program called Hypothesis. In the story circle, we’re in the 2-3 stage and it’s going to get a bit unknown in the near future.

The thing I’m most looking forward to and what i’m also terrified about is using graphics, animation and code in a substantive way. I’ve used these tools in the past, but I don’t know if i’d call what I did in them substantive. Though it’s terrifying to me, I’m also excited to use these tools and learn more about them. In my previous classes, i’ve learned the value of storytelling in adult learning, so I’m really excited about expanding on this and utilizing these tools in way to have more effective storytelling in my future trainings/courses that I teach/lead.

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