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Thing 3: Remix the course description:


We do not require textbooks, exams, or formal essays. We do require active participation and creativity each and every week. We also require an auto-didactic approach to learning (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. about media creation and tools (go figure it out). Each week, we will read and annotate journal articles; watch relevant videos; explore and discuss digital stories; try new media tools; and produce/share our own digital stories. We will read, watch, annotate, discuss, make, discover, and share – 8 times (weeks).

Don’t worry about artistry. Grades are based on effort, participation, and engagement, and NOT artistic ability.

I am primarily interested in your personal growth. I want you to stretch. I want you to experiment with ideas and tools.



First of all, traditional formats are out the door. Textbooks? Nah. Exams? Ha! Essays? Yeah right! Participation though… be ready! This course is going to have a “self-learning” or auto-didactic approach about making media for the people. What will we do every week?

Bam– Annotate Journal Articles using 

Pow– Watch relevant videos

Kablam– explore and discuss digital stories

Wham– Try new media tools

Boom– Produce/Share own digital stories

Don’t worry about your artistic skills! Your graded on effort, participation and being engaged in the class

I want to see you grow in this course. Stretch your mind using new tools and experimenting with new ideas!

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