Be Who You Say You Are

Helping-HandBeing in HR, I have to walk a thin line between working for the employees and working for the company. I often find myself wondering why an employee acts a certain way, and I find myself wondering why an organization has certain policies that don’t help the greater good of the employee population. Working for a nonprofit, you would think that an organization should focus on their employees the way they do for the community they serve, but often not, they don’t.

A situation came up and I was told that some managers had an employee cancel a cruise because they used up all their time taking care of a sick child. My jaw dropped when I was not consulted about this decision. Even though someone from HR may have been contacted, the Employee Relations Manager was not. Being a mission driven organization, we should never punish, and yes, i’m calling this a punishment, an employee for taking care of a family member. This goes against who we say we are as an organization, both inside and outside. As I gather more information, I’ll update this blog, but one thing is clear:

We’re not being who we say we are.

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