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Using Animation to teach

In an upcoming training, I’m going to use animation to simulate interactions between parties. I’m interested to see how it will go with the learners I’m going to be working with in this session. So many times in sessions, we steer away from unconventional… Continue Reading “Using Animation to teach”

Be Who You Say You Are

Being in HR, I have to walk a thin line between working for the employees and working for the company. I often find myself wondering why an employee acts a certain way, and I find myself wondering why an organization has certain policies that… Continue Reading “Be Who You Say You Are”

Building a module

Below is the first draft of the first module of my final project. Since i’m building this in Adobe Captivate, it’s in a PDF with descriptions what’s happening on every page. ep clayton sample

Resource Scan — How to Help Staff Engage Better Using Active Listening

  INTE 6720 Resource Scan Need Coming into this upcoming year at my organization, my coworker and I are leading a series of trainings in organizational communication. Though I’ve studied this topic quite a bit in undergrad, there are nuances that I want to… Continue Reading “Resource Scan — How to Help Staff Engage Better Using Active Listening”

Final Project #INTE5340

For my final project, I made a timeline of my journey to where I am today in my career. I used animation, audio, video and created some of the graphics within the story as well. (You’ll notice my wonderful map making skills..) Enjoy!  … Continue Reading “Final Project #INTE5340”

Final Make!

For my final mix, I decided to the NPR homepage to incorporate characters from “The Great Gatsby”. I know it was suggested to use The New York Times, but it was updating while I was using X-Ray Goggles so I couldn’t keep the stories.… Continue Reading “Final Make!”

Make 6

For my make 6, I made a fictional TV commercial for the Hyperloop in Denver. I made this using Audio, Video AND I created an Artifact from the future using the Denver Train Station and adding hyperloop signs to it. Enjoy!  

Make 4: Public Domain

For my weekly “Make” project, I created a radio commercial not unlike the many lawyer radio commercials that you’ll hear on a local radio station, but selling the service of Brad and the other students in my class to help with people wondering about… Continue Reading “Make 4: Public Domain”

Remix (Thing 3)

    Thing 3: Remix the course description: Original:  We do not require textbooks, exams, or formal essays. We do require active participation and creativity each and every week. We also require an auto-didactic approach to learning (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. about… Continue Reading “Remix (Thing 3)”

Minimalist Movie Poster

For Make 2 project, I created a minimalist movie poster. I don’t know why the first movie that popped into my head was ‘The Big Lewbowski”, but I ran with it and created this!