This portfolio was originally designed for the Information Learning Technologies program at CU Denver. I grew my portfolio to demonstrate the learning and achievements that I have accomplished. The following demonstrates examples from the six competencies within the program:

  • Reflective practice. Adopt a critical stance toward your work, promoting effective practice and responsible use of technology.
  • Technology. Become competent and confident in the use of various tools and technologies, related to learning, communication, and making things.
  • Learning and instruction. Drawing on learning and instructional theory, create instruction with well-aligned outcomes, activities, and assessments.
  • Creative and social media. Demonstrate proficiency with tools, platforms, and environments in the creation of media resources for learning and knowledge construction.
  • Inquiry and change. Engage in systematic processes of inquiry and change.
  • Professional learning and leadership. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and leadership within the profession.

Since my time after I completed my Masters Degree, I have added other items to the portfolio to demonstrate the work I have accomplished in the positions I have held. To get the portfolio, please click here or go to the drop down at the top of the screen under Portfolio