eLearning: Security Training

Working along side the Security Officer, we built out an elearning for all users on our network to complete within a specific timeframe. For the particular audience we’re dealing with, we used a series of videos to tell the story, and put quiz questions after specific videos.

We also imported games from a vendor for the user to play throughout. Since they were HTML5, we were able to use a web box and allow the user to play the game during the training. The tricky part was having it seem like the the “game” was actually inside of the training. We created blank buttons and lined them up with the “buttons” in the game to make the slide advance after they were done with the game

invisible button demo

The learner had to score at least 75% on the quiz to pass. If not, they would have to retake the quiz. Since the quiz was scattered throughout the course, I used advanced actions/variables, to skip right to quiz questions and skip over videos so they did not have re-watch the entire training if they did not want to:

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